Panel Discussion

Tech Enabling Impact: Transforming the Future
21st April 2:00 PM-3:00 PM



Mythri Kumar

Talk about Tech in HR

A dynamic entrepreneur with a background in journalism and a passion for sustainability, leads Timbuckdo Technologies Pvt. Ltd. as Founder and CEO. With a proven track record in green energy, strategic consulting, and meeting diverse staffing needs, she embodies innovation and resilience in the tech sector.

Samara Mahindra

Talk about Tech in healthcare

Samara Mahindra, the founder and director of CARER, India’s first Integrative Oncology Company, has made significant strides in post-cancer care for survivors. CARER focuses on holistic therapies, bringing healing beyond hospital walls and into the comfort of patients’ homes.

Nishant Chandra

Talk about Tech in EdTech

Nishant, CoFounder of Newton School of Technology, it's a revolutionary new educational institution that is changing the way people learn technology.

Agam Gupta

Talk about Impact Investing

Agam, is an active member of the venture capital ecosystem in India. Over the last 8 years he has built a strong portfolio of companies and co- investments across Healthtech, Fintech, Edtech and consumer brands. Along with direct investments, he is invested in venture funds as well as marquee family offices.