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Prepare to embark on a thrilling journey through the world of technology with Technotrivia, a tech quiz designed to challenge and expand your technical expertise. This event is not just a quiz, it’s an incredible opportunity to push the boundaries of your technical knowledge.

Technotrivia covers a diverse array of questions spanning various tech disciplines. From the fundamentals of computer science to the latest in artificial intelligence, from the intricacies of programming languages to the breakthroughs in quantum computing, we’ve got it all!

This is your chance to showcase your technological prowess and claim the title of the most tech-savvy quizzer. So, gear up, dive into the realm of technology, and let the best mind win!

Rule Book

Guidelines for the Quiz

  • The team can be formed of at most 2 members

  • The quiz will be held in 2 rounds.

  • Both rounds will be held online .But the Contestants should be present in the venue in order to take part in the quiz. So kindly bring your preferred electronic device but only one electronic device will be allowed per team .

  • The top 8 teams from the 1st round will qualify for the final round.

  • The top 3 teams in the final round will be declared as winners.

  • Decision of the Quiz Master will be final.

Round 1

  • Round 1 will take place in online mode

  • The total number of questions is 20.

  • The teams will be evaluated based on how many questions they successfully answered and the time taken. The faster the question is answered more will the points be awarded.

  • Any team violating the code of conduct will be disqualified.

Round 2

  • All the members of the qualifying team can participate.

  • Details of this round will be disclosed during the event.

  • Any team violating the code of conduct will be disqualified.

General Guidelines

  • If caught disturbing the peace and discipline in the hall, His/Her team would be disqualified from the contest.

  • All decisions taken by the organising team will be deemed final, and no more changes will be encouraged. Thus, the organising team will have full authority to change any of the above rules as per the circumstances.