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After all the hecticness and pressure we all need to lighten up our mood and for this, we have a great fun event named OPEN MIC! Here you can showcase your hidden talent which is other than technical knowledge like music, dance, comedy, and poetry. This event promises to be an unforgettable celebration of creativity and skills. Open Mic will be organized duration of the Neutron Tech Fest.


It is a fun event to keep the tech fest more enjoyable and more interesting.

Flow of Event:

  • Participants need to register and mention their talent.

  • Participants can perform either solo or in groups. 

  • Vulgar and obscene performances are not allowed.


  • Aspiring participants must come to the registration desk and enrol themselves before their performance.

  • Participants will be given a chance on a first come first serve basis.

  • Every participant should wait for their turn, any kind of misconduct will lead to the elimination of the participant.

  • Any kind of disrespect to the college, seniors, faculty and staff through any means will not be tolerated and can lead to serious action against the student.

  • Use of vulgar language and any kind of offensive comment is strictly prohibited.