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Rule Book

Spontaneous Mob ( Nukkad Natak ) 

1. Objective:

The Dramatics Nukkad Natak (Street Play) event aims to provide a platform for college students to showcase their dramatic skills, creativity, and social awareness through live performances. The objective is to entertain, educate, and engage the audience while competing for recognition.

2. Eligibility:

  • Participation is open to all currently enrolled college students.

  •  Each nukkad natak group must consist of a minimum of five members and maximum of 25 members. 

  • There is no any restriction on themes. We are open to Every thing you can do.

  • All performances must adhere to the guidelines of decency and respect.

3. Registration:

  • Nukkad natak groups must register their participation prior to the event.

  • Registration forms will be available online, and deadlines will be strictly enforced.

  •  Each group must provide their group name, member names, contact information. 

  •  Registration is required to take part with a nominal fee charges of Rs.150.

4. About the Event:

  • Registered groups will be notified in advance and must confirm their availability for the live event.

  •  The event will take place in a designated area on the college campus suitable for street play performances.

  • Each registered group will be allocated a specific time slot with minimum performance time to be 5 mins and maximum performance time to be 15 mins including setup and teardown time.

5. Props and Setup:

  •  Groups are responsible for bringing their own props, costumes, and any additional equipment required for their performance.

  • The organizing committee will provide basic technical support and assistance with setup.

  • Performances should be designed to be portable and suitable for outdoor settings.

6. Judging Criteria:

  •  Acting Talent: Skill level of individual performers, character portrayal, dialogue delivery, and emotional expression.

  • Script Quality: Originality, coherence, relevance to the chosen theme, and message clarity.

  • Following the Theme: Groups have to strictly follow and adhere to the theme given for the street play. 

  • Stage Presence: Engagement with the audience, use of space, and overall presentation.

  • Overall Impact: The effectiveness of the performance in entertaining, educating, and inspiring the audience.

7. Awards:

  •  Awards will be presented to the top-performing nukkad natak groups based on the judges' scores. 

  • Prizes include Money and Certificates. 

8. Disclaimer:

  • The organizing committee reserves the right to amend or modify any rules or procedures outlined in this rule book as necessary.

  • By participating in the Dramatics Nukkad Natak event, all participants agree to abide by the rules and decisions made by the organizing committee and judges.

9. Contact Information:

  • For inquiries or further information, please contact the Dramatics event POC at

  • Phone No: 9958178202

Note: This rule book serves as a guideline for the Dramatics Nukkad Natak event. Participants are encouraged to read and understand the rules thoroughly before registering and participating.