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Welcome to DroneDash, an exciting robotics challenge hosted by Newton School of Technology. Join us for a journey of innovation and creativity in the world of technology. Show off your pilot skills at Central India's largest Techno-Cultural Fest presented by Neutron. Here's all the info you need to dive into this thrilling experience! Drone Race

Rule Book


Teams need to build a drone for DroneDash that they will control manually. The drone’s task is to move through the arena avoiding obstacles and passing through as many rings as possible in a given amount of time and reach a target.

Team Description:

  • A team may consist of a minimum of 1 and a maximum of 4 members.

  • Students from different educational institutions can form a team.

  • Only 1 drone from each team is allowed.


  • All students with a valid identity card from their respective educational institutes are eligible to participate.

  • Only school students and undergraduate students are allowed to participate.

Gameplay and Fouls:

  • At the start, the drones will be placed on the launchpad.

  • The timer starts exactly when drone takes off.

  • The drones will have to avoid obstacle and pass through the rings.

  • There will be checkpoints after each ring which can be used once you have crossed

    the ring behind the checkpoint.

  • If the drone crashes or moves away from the course, the pilot can land the drone and

    then the co-pilot or the pilot can place the drone back on the latest checkpoint which

    will act as the temporary launchpad.

  • Each team will consist of a pilot who will control the drone and another team member

    can act as the co-pilot who will assist the pilot.

  • Once all the rings are crossed, the co-pilot or the pilot will have to bring the drone

    back to the launchpad at the starting point and then continue the next lap.

  • The goal is to cover a lap in the shortest time period and also to cross as many rings as

    possible in the given time period.

  • Apart from these two members of the team, no other team member will be allowed to

    touch the drone during the race. If it happens, it will be considered a rule break and

    the team will be disqualified.

  • Each team will have a time limit of 4 minutes.

  • The pilot can move along with the drone through out the whole arena


  • Time for each team: 4 minutes

  • If a drone remains inactive after crashing, the timer won’t stop and the time keeps


  • If the drone get’s stuck or crashes in an obstacle or the ring, the co-pilot can pick the

    drone and place it on the latest checkpoint.


  • The team to cover a single lap in the shortest time period wins the title for the

    fastest lap covered.

  • The team to cross through the maximum number of rings in the given time period wins

    the title for the maximum number of rings covered

Drone Specification:

  • Size : 100-250mm.

  • Weight : 200-1000g.

  • The stability and position holding of your drone should rely solely on the pilot's skills, without

    the aid of sensors such as vision position sensors, GPS, angle sensors, or any other

    stabilizing sensors typically found in drones.

  • Note: Any drone failing to comply with these constraints would be disqualified.

Important guidelines:

  • The drones must be a custom made drone. Professional drones like DJI are not allowed.

  • You must carry extra batteries for your drone.

  • FPV drones with FPV Goggles are not allowed.

  • There’s no restriction on the controller. You may use any controller you want.

  • Teams must play fair and focus on giving their best.


  • The organizers may change any of these rules, or implement a new one at any time if

    required and will be informed to the teams before the event begins.

  • Management will have the ultimate authority to make the final decision, and all teams must

    consent to the management’s final determination.

  • The participating teams need to submit their drones to the management team, 5 mins before the match starts.