BGMI Tournament

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₹20,000 (MVP)

Rules Book

  • It is a 4(+1) player-team tournament. A 4 man-starter roster and up to 1 substitute.

  • Emulators are not allowed in any game mode organized. The player will be disqualified if found using any emulator.

  • Any game modifying tools except the ‘GFX tool’ are not allowed.

  • Players can play on Android/iOS, tablets/phones only.

  • Only in-game voice chat should be used after the game is started till its completion.

  • Any use of unfair means such as aimbot, trigger bot, or ESP will be disqualified.

  • If a team/player fails to join the room in time, their squad/they will be given 0 points.

  • Waiting time is at most 10 minutes between games.

  • Exiting a game without good reason will disqualify the team.

  • The exploitation of bugs that hinder fair play will result in disqualification.

  • For the tiebreaker of the points, total team/solo kills will be considered for breaking the tie.

  • For the further tiebreaker, several chicken dinners will be considered.

  • Organizers would not be held responsible for connectivity issues on the participant's side.

  • The entry fee would not be refunded under any circumstances.

  • Organizers reserve the right to accept or reject any entry without stating a reason.

  • Participants are requested to remain ready at least 15 minutes before the start of any match. Late entries would not be allowed.

Tournament Guidelines:

  • Players will participate as a 4 man-squad.

  • Up to 64 players will be playing in a lobby.

  • Maps selected will be notified to the participants before the match

Point System:

  • Kill - 1 point.

  • 1st - 15 points.

  • 2nd - 12 points.

  • 3rd - 10 points.

  • 4th - 8 points.

  • 5th - 6 points.

  • 6th - 4 points.

  • 7th - 2 points.

  • 8th - 12th - 1 point.

  • 13th - 16th - 0 point.